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About Us

James Robinson has always been involved with cars, particularly high-end brands. With a career so far spanning 40 years he has gained dealer experience with VW, Audi and BMW.

On returning from a period in Australia working with Supercar brands, Ferrari in particular, he realised there was a gap in the UK market. James could see that BMW main dealers focused on the non-automotive aspects of the customer experience, as much as they did on looking after the vehicles themselves.


Of course, this suits a certain part of the market, such as company car users and drivers of lease vehicles, but it meant direct owners of BMW and Mini where paying a lot of additional cost for services that really added no value for them.

So 10 years ago James established BROMSPEC MOTORWORKS, with a clear vision – to provide the best possible service, maintenance and repair support to BMW and Mini owners, and at the same time keeping costs to a reasonable level. A true BMW and Mini Specialist


Substantial investment has been made over the years in establishing a array of top end diagnostic equipment, as well as installing the best technical innovations in MOT testing, servicing and repair.

This formula has proved to be very popular. The last 10 years have seen well over 3000 different customers pass through the workshop, most of them coming back time and again . The business continues to grow and develop, mainly through personal recommendations and word of mouth.

Need Our Help Or Advice? Give Us a Call Now - 01264 315305
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